Additive Manufacturing at ADDIT3D, Bilbao

Additive manufacturing is being introduced in a wide range of industrial sectors, which find in this type of technology solutions for their manufacturing and important benefits, as well as time reduction, material savings and products costumization.

Additive manufacturing is a new industrial manufacturing technology, and ADDIT3D is a pioneering initiative, which aim is to lead the forums dedicated to this sector and offer a new space for companies to advance in the development of industry 4.0, strengthening their competitive advantages.

Fagor Automation, as one of the most innovative companies in the machine tool sector, already has its range of products for additive manufacturing: The new Additive Manufacturing Pack for the 8065CNC. The most open system on the market that allows intelligent control and optimization of the manufacturing process, offering an easy and intuitive configuration for multi-process solutions, which is used very often in additive manufacturing.

This CNC controls machines of different technologies like WAAM, LMD and Extrusion. Also manufactures with different materials such as metal or polymers in the US and Europe market. Both in additive machines and hybrid machines, where deposition is combined with milling technologies. To obtain perfect pieces, Fagor Automation CNC combines both strategies using its high speed 5 continuous axis machining algorithms.

In a near future, both technologies, subtractive and additive, will coexist as they are complementary in many case and Fagor Automation will be ready to provide solutions to both of them.

Learn more about Additive Manufacturing to ADDIT3D fair (Bilbao) from 4 to 6 of June and visit Fagor Automation booth, N14.

See you soon!