AEMTEK, machine-tool retrofitting specialist in the Rhône-Alps region

henry-salamone-AEMETEK“The cooperation with Fagor Automation provides us with retrofitting solutions adaptable to the needs and expectations of our customers”

Henry Salamone, Manager of AEMTEK, (Rhône-Alps France)


Working in the CNC world since 1996, Henri Salamone is well known to excel for his attention to detail in his work and his knowledge in electrical engineering. He’s been able to repair, adapt or install over a hundred of CNC systems in Europe, most of the main brands on the market.

His success gave birth to AEMTEK in October 2009

AEMTEK, a technical assessment service for machine tools, is a company truly committed as a partner offering their knowledge and experience to achieve a unique collaboration. AEMTEK is related to several brands, among which FAGOR AUTOMATION occupies a special place, for whom it provides distribution services for measuring products and CTAF (FAGOR approved technical center) for CNC systems.

Nowadays, AEMTEK is a highly specialized company that has known to adapt and work with all measuring system brands, especially FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, ACURITE, NEWALL, ELESTA, METROLOGIE, SONY, MITUTOYO and ANILAM, consolidating as a reference in machine-tool retrofitting.

In cooperation with FAGOR AUTOMATION, AEMTEK offers solutions with the best quality-price ratio for replacing or installing DRO or CNC systems.


En 2013, AEMTEK has carried out five significant retrofits with FAGOR products. Three with the tireless CNC 8055 and two with the powerful CNC 8065. The latter, in CNC 8065M version, was used to retrofit a high speed MIKRON milling machine equipped with a HEIDENHAIN CNC that was associated with a Lemoine system.

The CNC 8065T, with two channels, was used to restore a dual-channel SEDIN lathe (2 x 2 axes + 1 spindle) that offers the user great programming speed (conversational in both channels) and execution speed.

Henri Salamone (manager of AEMTEK):

“2014 has begun with excellent growth forecast for AEMTEK. The cooperation started with FAGOR AUTOMATION provides us with retrofitting solutions adaptable to the needs and expectations of our customers both technically and economically speaking”.

Eric Galland (manager of FAGOR France): “Our cooperation with AEMTEK has become a great springboard for developing new activities in the Rhône-Alps region. Together with our competitive products and services, AMTEK’s experience and technical knowledge offer our customers the absolute satisfaction on which to build our future”.