Awea Machines benefit from the new use of Pack Mold

AWEA Mechatronic Co. LTD, founded in 1986, is one of the largest and most dynamic machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan, certified to comply the quality and safety requirements for international markets.

Due to his delicate and accurate work, AWEA has always strived to achieve the highest quality from its own production processes, choosing worldwide manufactured located in the most technologically advanced countries, able to provide us the best mechanical components.

That’s why AWEA began its collaboration with Fagor Automation for the equipment of its machines. Fagor Automation supplies AWEA with CNC systems, DRO, servo drives and motors, as well as linear and angular feedback systems. This entire range of products has allowed AWEA «to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users in terms of performance and usability». Says Mr. Lin, AWEA sales manager.

Mr. Lin, AWEA Sales Manager

Fagor Automation introduced recently among its offer, the so-called Pack Mold: AWEA’s Sales Manager’s opinion about using it on milling CNC is that «it offers great advantages». According to Lin, this Pack Mold «bundles up a range of features derived from combining the 35 years of experience of Fagor Automation in designing CNC with its latest technical developments. Summing up all these features, the CNC responds to customers and machines needs in highest-demand milling machining».

«The Pack Mold has helped AWEA to improve machines performance and productivity by intervening in various aspects: simplified and more powerful programming languages that turn to reducing program preparation effort; better milling speed that permits to reduce mechanization time, combined with more accuracy to achieve a higher quality level of the production processes,» concludes Lin. Different markets have different demands, Fagor Automation offers a wide variety of solutions for the different production needs of those markets (people doing small part series, high productivity processes, programs developed directly on the CNC or from the technical office…)

Mr. Lin’s opinion about the Fagor Pack Mold option is very positive: «At AWEA, thanks to the features that the Pack Mold carries on, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality during our milling tests, together with the big advantages that we can see for our customers, especially for molds and the 5-axis parts production. This is just another testimony of how successful the alliance between AWEA and Fagor Automation has become. It has always given us excellent results, and it’s getting better and better».