Fagor Automation opens its new offices at Milan, Italy

After being present in the country for 28 years, Fagor Automation has inaugurated the new office of 1500 m2 at Milan, showcased for more than 250 guests.

Fagor Automation’s entry into Italy in 1990 was not haphazard, but rather because of its expansive strategy. For the Guipuzcoan Company, it was vital to be present within the second largest European machine tool market. Another aspect is its disposition toward innovation and because of the highly technological machines manufactured there, which are equipped with Fagor Automation’s control and feedback systems.

Diego Perego, CEO Fagor Automation Italia

In 2009 they focused on milling applications and alternative markets, which gave them an outstanding position for high added value milling applications and linear and rotary encoder customers.

In 2012 start-up the Ivrea Milling Technology Center, located in the region of Piedmont.

The Italian managers confirms that record sales are being registered for Italy, standing above 6.2 million euros, where there are forecasts that it may approach the 7 million mark this year.We have achieved these figures while starting at 3.5 million euros in 2009, during the middle of the crisis.” Says José Pérez Berdud, CEO of Fagor Automation.

José Pérez Berdud CEO Fagor Automation

Although the Italian market is highly competitive and demanding, it is open to products from abroad. As for Fagor Automation, “in addition to stable revenues, it has allowed us to greatly improve both our products and the means of serving our customer base”. Customer service has been vital in Italy, along with our very competent local staff, where the selection process for our workforce has been precisely one of the greatest difficulties we have had. However, “this staff recruitment process has provided us with several benefits that more than compensate the difficulties we have faced”, concluded José Pérez Berdud, CEO of Fagor Automation.

With this new opening Fagor Automation will continue growing within the Italian Market, key for any company wanting to remain active in the worldwide MT industry.