Fagor Automation develops new Easy Volumetric Compensation

Learn how Fagor Automation’s “Volumetric Compensation” feature ensures accuracy by correcting typical geometric errors, making sure that more of your products end up in the hands of the customer and not the scrap pile.

Primary causes of the lack of a machine tool accuracy and precision derive from geometric machine errors that can arise during manufacturing and assembly and also in production machine wear and abuse which can cause premature deformations of the machine.

The “Volumetric compensation” corrects these geometric errors improving the repeatability and accuracy of the machines. The volume to be compensated is defined by a cloud of points, in each of which the error to be corrected is measured.

Standard Volumetric Compensation can be an expensive feature that requires expensive hardware as well as valuable time to gather all compensation data points and then apply to the CNC. This expense is well accepted for Large High-Performance Machine Tools, but is much more difficult to justify for small to mid-size machine tools. Hence, in conjunction with our customer’s request, this is why Fagor has developed Easy Volumetric that simplifies the process, thus making it not just an acceptable process, but desirable for all Machines.

Easy Volumetric Compensation limits the points to just 25 per axes, thus is much faster to calibrate the points and integrate to the CNC. It improves accuracy dramatically, yet, is fast and easy to integrate. This is a groundbreaking development for small machines.

Traditional ballscrew and backlash compensation can still be utilized, but is not necessary as Volumetric compensates for these errors as well. However, you can still utilize these tables and the CNC will automatically integrate them into the compensation matrix.

The below is a quick reference chart for the differences between Basic and Medium/Large machine Volumetric compensation.