BERTHOUD CNC becomes a dental machinery specialist

In order to develop Machine-Tools for the dental industry, Mr. BERTHOUD teamed up with Mr LAURENT (ex SESCOI specialised in CFAO systems) to found BERTHOUD CNC.

Drawing on their wealth of experience, the two partners quickly developed the first 5 axes machine for dental prosthetics production. It didn’t take long for this first machine to receive an award for innovation and find a first customer, confirming, if any confirmation was necessary, the two men’s quality workmanship and dynamism. The 5 axes machine with RTCP is structured around a FAGOR CNC 8070 and received support from the FAGOR France team for its design and to develop a special interface. Thanks to the latter the machine is ergonomic and particularly easy to use for prosthesis creators, which will be quick to snap up these machines, baptised the 5DTX. In fact, three new machines will come on stream soon.

Mr BERTHOUD is pleased with how things have gone “our first client, a major production centre, is thrilled with its new purchase because all of its clients have highlighted the quality finish of our dental prosthetics products. We were able to achieve this quality thanks to our machine’s rigorous mechanical design and also thanks to FAGOR Automation’s know-how in 5 axes applications. The interface developed by the FAGOR Automation team is also a major selling point because it makes it possible to produce digital orders with no specialised knowledge. All in all, we worked together very closely and it was a triumph”.

The 5DTX’s notable functions include:

  • 2 x 10 tool changers in limited space
  • Management of 8 reels
  • Tool probe and reel probe
  • Automatic replacement of used tools