Puntotec, partner of leading companies in CNC manufacturing, talks about FAGOR

Puntotec is an Italian company that provides services for mechanical industry starting from staff training to “key-turn” part-program supply; in other words, its aim is to become a technical, highly specialized partner in the supply of technical services for CNC machine operators.

Thanks to its great experience in milling processes aimed to several industrial fields, Puntotec can provide added value services and supports for companies operating in CNC manufacturing: training for the operators, support to production cycle definition, drafting the part-program, and production process optimization.

Already operating on CNC Fagor Automation, Puntotec recently had the opportunity to experience the performances of new CNC 8065; in particular the new ProGTL3 (Professional Geometric and Technological Language), as well as the translator of ISO language for immediate reuse of part-program from other CNC on CNC8065. Easy to use for the operator and the NC programmers, the CNC was very much appreciated and have been highlighted very well in the company blog, at the web site.

Nowadays, growth is strongly linked to innovation and technical preparation, and only firms that invest in innovation of its processes and training of its staff can compete in an increasingly selective and demanding environment. A good example are two companies, already customers of Fagor, that have made of innovation their priority and that have adopted Puntotec as a technical partner.

The first case is Termomeccanica Raimondi di Villa Cortese (MI), a company specializing in the production of rotating and hydraulic cylinders, which was able to open its doors to international markets and has enjoyed, since the beginning, the quality and the technical service; already user of CNC Fagor since years, it has continued to invest, expanding its department with a new building and new equipment. Termomeccanica Raimondi relies on Puntotec for training its operational staff as well as a technical resource for machining optimization, with a program of long-term collaboration began in 2011.

The second case is the company Co.Stamp, a leader in the field of die-casting molds, that decided to expand its business to automotive market, supplying molds for thermoplastic molding. Headquartered in Sirone (LC), with the recently opening of a new production department in Rivalta di Torino (TO), it has shown how continuous innovation lead to a continuous growth. To start the new department, its relied on Puntotec both for the operation of the machines and for the training of personnel.