COVID-19 masks made with Fagor Automation CNC systems

COVID-19 has had a great impact on the work and lives of people around the world since the beginning of 2020. The health alarm and prevention and safety measures have created a great demand for masks, which have Both companies specialized in mask production had to respond, as well as many others that had to modify their production in order to respond to existing demand around the world.


Both types of companies have had to adapt their production, much incorporating machinery or adapting what they had. In this sense, Fagor Automation, as a provider of machine tool automation solutions, has collaborated in different projects in China for the mass manufacture of masks.


In record time, Fagor has developed a new CNC model to be able to produce a significant number of machines to carry out the machining necessary to manufacture masks.


Mascarillas contra el COVID-19


The meltblown die is the key equipment for the production of meltblown cloth necessary for the production of masks. This molten fabric is inserted into the middle layer of the mask and plays the role of filter and protection. In the process of manufacturing the melt-blown die head, the processing of the row micro-holes (diameter 0.1 ~ 0.3mm) can be done by drilling in a machining center, by electric sparks, laser machine, etc.


 Nanjing Quanhengn the images below, you can see a machining center equipped with the Fagor CNC system that the Nanjing Quanheng company is using to process the melt-blown die head.



In the mask forming process, the welding tooth mold comes into play when the welding and cutting steps are completed. The 4-axis engraving and milling machine equipment with Fagor CNC can quickly complete the processing of the welding tooth mold. The image shows a welding tooth mold, manufactured by Jiatie, using its engraving machine equipped with the Fagor CNC system.



Fagor Automation will continue using its great experience and excellent technology to continue providing full technical support to mask manufacturers.