Fagor Automation enters into the share capital of Savvy Data Systems to jointly advance in digitization

The deal aims to incorporate Savvy’s digital solutions into Fagor Automation’s service offering and to open up new markets and business opportunities for both companies.

The agreement represents a further step in the commitment of both companies to the implementation of advances derived from information and communication technologies in the industrial manufacturing sector.

The manufacturer dedicated to the development and manufacture of automation and machine control products Fagor Automation has taken a step forward in its strategy of introducing digital technologies in the manufacturing sector by entering the share capital of the process digitization firm Savvy Data Systems.

The agreement contemplates the entry of Fagor Automation in the Board of Directors of Savvy, becoming a new industrial partner of the Donostia-based company, specialized in the digital transformation of the process industry and machine tools.

The collaboration will allow Fagor Automation, dedicated to the development of automation and machine control software, to incorporate Savvy’s technologies and solutions into its service offering.

“Our entry into Savvy Data Systems has to do with our innovation strategy, which in recent years has focused our efforts on developing our core technologies and establishing alliances with other partners to promote solutions that are not part of our specialization, but complement our offer, such as digital technologies”, says Igor Murgiondo, Service Manager at Fagor Automation.

Specifically, Fagor Automation will be able to rely on Savvy’s capabilities and know how, which are focused on developing solutions that transform data from machines into information that enables customers to optimize and improve the competitiveness of their processes.

The fruit of close collaboration

The two companies already had a history of collaboration that goes back several years and which finally crystallized in the entry of Fagor Automation in the capital of Savvy. This alliance, supported from the beginning by the machine tool manufacturer Danobatgroup, majority partner of Savvy data systems, has allowed them to develop a new customized product, Fagor Digital Suite, a digitalization platform that interconnects machines with production and management systems through hardware and software infrastructures, and offers a complete catalog of services for machine tool manufacturers, distributors and end users.

“Our relationship with Savvy is not new. We have collaborated on many joint projects, in which Fagor has developed technologies as an expert in numerical control and automation of metal removal machines, laser, stone and other machining sectors, and Savvy has provided its expertise in connectivity and data analysis. At the last edition of the EMO fair, held at the end of 2021, we signed a collaboration agreement that, five months later, has been consolidated with this entry into Savvy’s capital”, says Murgiondo.

For his part, the CEO of Savvy Data Systems, Fernando Sáenz, believes that the transaction with Fagor Automation will give his company access to new markets.

“We wanted to go beyond what a commercial partnership agreement could offer us. For us Fagor Automation is a strategic partner, which can contribute to our international expansion. Fagor brings great market potential to Savvy. This alliance opens the door to markets such as Italy, France, Portugal and Asia,” says Sáenz.

In the opinion of Savvy’s director, this collaboration allows Fagor to incorporate a business model that is already consolidated.

“We provide Fagor Automation with a business model at full capacity and they place it all over the world. Every company that manufactures something wants to manufacture with lower costs and in less time. Our technologies, once implemented, have a direct impact on the profit and loss account”, Sáenz assures.

The firm accompanies its clients in the different phases of the digital transformation process and offers support at every step, from the definition of the strategy to the development and implementation of technology.