Fagor Digital Suite: the new modular digitalization platform from Fagor Automation

Fagor Digital Suite is the new modular digitalization platform developed by Fagor Automation.

This service tool interconnects the machines to the production and management systems by means of hardware and software infrastructures. In this way, it can capture all the necessary data and transform them into valuable information to facilitate decision-making.

With Fagor Digital Suite, the main objective of Fagor Automation is to accompany its customers in the digitalization process of their production plants.

The Fagor Digital Suite platform covers the needs of both end users of machinery and machine tool manufacturers.

What benefits does it offer to each?

Here are the main features of the platform:

  • Solution: Standard of customized to customer needs.
  • Multibrand: Compatible with the main CNCs in the market.
  • Multiprotocol: OPC UA, UMATI, MTConnet, MQTT, etc.
  • Interoperaibility: Can be connected with the rest of the plant’s production system.
  • Standard or customized HMIs.
  • Fast implementation, scalable in equipment, and features and no machine intrusive.
  • Cybersecurity: ISO/IEC 15408:2009, ISO/IEC 18045:2008 and Common Criteria

Fagor Digital Suite for users

The platform is aimed at users who are looking for indicators to improve the availability and efficiency of their machines, integrating information from the machine, technical office, staff, scheduling, production, etc.

Modules that make up the standard user offer provide valuable information in real-time and can be organized by periods, different profiles, and side-by-side comparisons for key metrics such as availability, efficiency, quality, OEE, electrical, and energy consumption.

In addition, it has project scheduling modules that allow job planning and distribution of work and operations on the different machines, optimizing production by taking advantage of historical data on availability, efficiency, etc.

Fagor Digital Suite for machine manufacturers

Fagor Digital Suite also is aimed at manufacturers who want to enhance asset management and release proprietary services. The Fago Digital Suite provides the machine manufacturer with an intuitive toolkit that enables the creation of new digital products and services:

  • Access to all modules and features related to machine data.
  • Customized virtual cloud with management of assets, access, users, etc.
  • Teleservice and maintenance: remote access and diagnostics, management of warnings and alarms, etc.
  • Remote updating of firmware, PLCs, etc.
  • Development and administration of APIs. Development and deployment of applications in your machine park, with global or individualized management, and which can be oriented towards new features, maintenance, etc.

Fagor Digital Suite allows interoperability with many of the systems involved in a production process, including machines with automation systems and CNCs from other manufacturers that are not Fagor, as long as they are prepared with the appropriate connectivity technologies and protocols established as standards.