Fagor Automation is participating in the European project PERKS focused on Artificial Intelligence in the industry.

Fagor Automation, in collaboration with eight other European partners, is involved in the European project PERKS coordinated by Cefriel (an Italy-based research and innovation center) with an estimated budget of around 3.5 million euros.

The main objective of the project is to optimize knowledge management to enable Industry 5.0 through artificial intelligence, spanning a three-year duration. The project emerges to address the specific needs of industry workers by providing AI-based digital tools to enhance and simplify their tasks.

Fagor Automation, a pivotal contributor to the project

To achieve this goal, PERKS will address three industrial scenarios with varying needs and complexities, with Fagor Automation being pivotal in one of them. Fagor Automation will contribute its expertise in configuring and setting up CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to the European project PERKS.

As highlighted by Cefriel, “the primary beneficiaries of PERKS’ outcomes are the industry workers who, with the support of innovative digital tools, can efficiently collect, retrieve, and execute procedures. This will lead to enhanced operational standardization, reducing costs, errors, and interruptions. The indirect economic impacts will be substantial, including increased productivity and worker satisfaction, the development and enhancement of professional community skills, improved risk assessment, and a reduction in industry-related accidents and errors.”

You can view the full press from PERKS for more details.