Fagor Automation participates in the WEEVIL project

Fagor Automation participates in the WEEVIL project focused on the design of an ultra-light, ultra-safe electric car for urban use.

In collaboration, 10 different companies from various countries are all working together on this 4 year European project that began on June 1st, 2015. The primary goal of this project is to design a safe, affordable and comfortable urban electric car.

Pollution and traffic congestion have become the main threats to quality of life and health in urban areas. For this reason, the progressive electrification of vehicle’s has been suggested as an effective alternative to remedy these concerns.

There are several electric vehicle alternatives currently on the market. In spite of representing an attractive solution, they possess shortcomings in terms of traffic congestion, safety and comfort.

The WEEVIL project, as part of the European Horizon 2020 program, has been proposed with the aim to develop a new concept of encapsulated electric urban vehicles with three wheels: Two in the front and one in the rear. This prototype means a qualitative leap forward for five reasons:

  • Due to the vehicle structure manufactured from reinforced fiber, it is lightweight, yet safer.
  • A mechanism that adapts to the width of the vehicle, thus enabling the vehicle to be parked in or travel through small spaces. Also improving the vehicle stability when traveling at faster speeds.
  • A new, more efficient magnet-free motor.
  • Interchangeable batteries.
  • An esthetically and ergonomically meticulous design.
  • It’s capacity to transport 1 or 2 people, reaching a top speak of 90 Km/h, which enables the vehicle to safely travel on highways and motorways.

Fagor Automation’s contribution to this project is based on the design of the control of the traction motor contained within the vehicle’s powertrain. This controller has been designed for a switched reluctance motor with no magnets. It fully controls the motor, using the energy stored in the vehicle’s 80V battery. The power output is 10 Kw.

The Controller has been designed to be mechanically integrated into the vehicle’s powertrain, along with the motor and the gearbox. This powertrain architecture offers a compact design that takes up a minimal amount of space within the vehicle.