GOITI: Technological leader in laser solutions

GOITI, S. Coop. is a cooperative established in 1962 which is dedicated to manufacturing sheet metal transformation machinery.

Asier Sasiain, General Manager

The company started by manufacturing machinery for the construction sector before moving on to mechanical presses, reaching its peak with this product in the 1970s. In 1982, the company started to manufacture more flexible machinery, with the first punching and laser cutting machines, which are still manufactured today. GOITI is part of the Danobatgroup and all of its products have been manufactured with the Danobat brand since 2000.

The type of machine you are currently manufacturing has moved from traditional individual laser cutting, punching and folding machines to combined laser machines and flexible lines with automatic sheet metal coil feeding systems (blanking). What has been the challenge of this change for you?

The challenge was not only technical but in all areas. Firstly, we had to adapt the structure to meet this change. From a technical point of view, the main challenge was associated with the customization requirements of each system, having to design specific utilities ranging from pure programming for the design of specific operations and the interconnection of elements and external production systems and resources, through to the creation of new screens for the HMI to control built-in peripherals. Each customer has their own needs which require us to adapt the system.

What is the most complex model developed by GOITI in its laser machine line?

In the world of laser, the most complex solution is the laser cutting line with a sheet metal coil feeding system, which has an uninterrupted operation, using various cutting heads. Not requiring the sheet metal feeding process to be stopped requires many changes compared to the traditional stationary cutting system. On one hand, the cutting heads must be compensated to adapt to the movement of the sheet metal. On the other hand, time becomes a parameter and not only a result of the programming phase, so compression in the programming parameters had to be changed and the assisted programming tools had to be modified. Some developments could not have been completed without the collaboration of Fagor Automation, which developed specific control packages.

With the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), customers are now ordering machines with connectivity, data management, predictive maintenance, etc. What features are you currently offering to your customers?

Our offering is based on a wide range of solutions. First, we have the Smart HMI, based on the Panel PC platform of the CNC8070. This is a custom HMI that is tailored to the needs of each solution, including value added functions, such as the digitisation of the preventive maintenance panel or new assisted programming applications for the machine. Another solution is our Data System, which can monitor the status of the machine permanently, synchronising the data with any device using a data/second frequency, allowing us to gather information about its output. Different communication protocols can be developed with this platform, using the different agents of the production plant to help manage it.

GOITI works hand in hand with its own Technology Centre, Ideko, to develop unique technological solutions that allow companies to become more competitive. Fagor Automation is the supplier of the CNC Systems it installs in its machines and collaborates with both GOITI and its Technology Centre. What is the value to GOITI of having such an approachable and flexible company as Fagor Automation in the development of these solutions?

For us, as manufacturers of highly dynamic machine-tooling solutions, controlling drives is a very important aspect of our operation. Having Fagor Automation perfectly “integrated” in GOITI allows us to transmit the needs of our customers directly and to agree on a solution that meets the productivity and feasibility requirements. Certificate for all products manufactured.