New Video Tutorial on Conversational Canned Cycles: More accurate and faster than Manual Machining

Conversational Programming is the express way to make quick and easy programs for simple parts and is a tool that every machine operator should be familiar with.

Today, conversational programming is commonly used throughout the manufacturing industry. Conversational programming allows the operator to create programs without any prior knowledge of G-Code programming in a fast and intuitive way.

It’s very easy to use this feature, and it’s available on the 8065, 8070, 8060, and 8055 milling CNCs. The programming is based on template cycles in which the machinest/operator only has to input basic data of the part being created (dimensions, speed, tools…).

Before executing the program, you can simulate the program and allow the system to automatically detect missing information or programming errors. If there is something wrong, the CNC will give a specific warning of the problem and offer help to solve it.

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