Novelties in Feedback Systems

Fagor Automation has expanded the capabilities of their enclosed absolute linear encoders for CNC machines and high-precision applications with new product families, S2, SV2 and G2 and as a result, have improved the mechanical elements in the current families.

The S2 series has new side endcaps for the profile with a more attractive and modern design, yet still maintaining their excellent quality and performance of the linear encoder versus its predecessor. The new side endcaps are installed more easily to achieve the same level of protection against pollutants.

Linear Encoders - 2 SeriesIn addition, the reader head now offers the mounting option of threaded attachment directly on the reader head, a feature already included in the G and L series and widely accepted by the market because it eliminates the need for nuts.

The SV2 series, inline with the S2 series, also has new side endcaps thus maintaining consistency with the new families. Likewise, the threaded reader-head option (without the need for nuts) is also available in this new model. The new backer bar, for high vibration encoders, has been completely redesigned, it is now smaller and may be mounted from the top or the bottom at the same time while also maintaining the performance and mechanical compatibility with its predecessor.

The G2 series has a smaller head while maintaining compatibility with the previous series. Also note, the reader head has two connectors and air intakes at both ends. Hence, the connection cable and the air intake may be oriented in any direction without having to manipulate the reader head. The endcaps have been modified in order to adapt to the design of the new reader head.

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