Open to Your World: Technology, Robustness, Customization and Proximity

Since its inception over forty years ago, Fagor Automation has upheld an innovative spirit by focusing strongly on technological research and development, customer-centric solutions, and a range of cutting-edge products.

Originating from initial models catering to milling and turning, the company has also crafted tailored solutions for sectors such as semiconductor manufacturing, aeronautics, IT, medicine, large research infrastructures, metrology, and additive manufacturing among others.

As a world leader in the machine tool industry, today, Fagor Automation reaffirms its values; technology, robustness, customization, and proximity

Technology and Customization

Fagor Automation’s commitment to technology extends beyond its products. Engaged with innovation and quality, Fagor Automation’s research and technology center, Aotek, is the pillar of their dedication to excellence and constant advancement.

The linear and angular encoders of Fagor Automation offers a wide variety of options to cover all applications, and also offers the possibility of customizing its products to meet specific needs. The company has recently introduced a more open CNC system that allows the connection of equipment with external devices both its own and those of third parties. 

The new multibrand digitalization solution, Fagor Digital Suite, is another sample of Fagor Automation´s engagement to adapt to the new market needs.


Fagor Automation provides great robustness to their products, even under the most demanding machining conditions.

The robust and durable Series3 family with patented 3Statech technology and the CNC solutions with the innovative HMIelite multiplatform interface, empower manufacturers to achieve the highest levels of machining.

Always in Proximity to our customers needs

Fagor Automation’s global presence is not just about machines; it’s about relationships. This is why Fagor Automation places great importance on nurturing relationships with customers around the world.

With 30 offices and a sales network in more than 50 countries, Fagor Automation is close to its customers. Whatever your world is and wherever you are, you know you can count with Fagor Automation. Open to your world.