CAD drawings to make designing the machine easier

For CNC machines and high precision applications, the Fagor Automation corporate website offers 3D solid drawings of its products in “.step” format: high-end linear and angular encoders, CNC’s, motors and servo drives.

2D drawings of high-end linear and angular encoders are also available in “.dxf” format. In a sector where CAD tools (Computer Aided Design) are so common, easy access to and availability of this material becomes essential for obtaining a perfect design using all the components since this initial stage. This way, we make the job of manufacturers, integrators and specifiers (specification writers) easier by giving them access to this material through our website with 24/7 information availability making it possible for our worldwide network of customers to do their job autonomously at any time regardless of their time zone.

Integrating a blueprint or solid into the design is done quickly and intuitively. It only requires going on the website, accessing the download section and downloading the information of the desired product.

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