Satisfaction among the attendants to the Open House on the CNC 8060

In February, Fagor Automation Taiwan presented their new CNC 8060 in Taichung (Taiwan). During the Open House, they shared the new product and its features with more than 60 participants from 40 machine manufacturing companies.

The CNC 8060 presentation took place in the morning: A CNC focused on high productivity sectors, with a hardware, design and configurations that make the CNC 8060 a state-of-the-art product.

The general manager, Mr. Richard Lee and the sales manager, Mr. Samuel Wen, from Fagor Automation Taiwan began with a brief introduction on the CNC 8060 and the new features offered by the CNC to the manufacturer and to the user; ergonomics, interactive and accessible menus, customizable interface, 4 types of programming methods (ISO, conversational, parametric and the new language ProGTL3), new high-resolution graphics, auto-tuning (new finetune), FBFW system for file protection and encryption, etc.

Mr. Asier Lopez, sales manager of the CNC business at Fagor Automation HQ, presented a global vision of the whole range of products that the company offers to sectors as varied as aerospace, automotive, energy, metal industry, IT’s, etc.

To end the first part of the day, Mr. Asier Telleria, in charge of the “Customer Service” department, shared his program for helping users obtain the best performance out of their machines, improve support to distributors and help machine manufacturers with the international flow of their machines.

In the afternoon, a more technical presentation of the product was given. Mr. Fabrizio Bettiol, in charge of programming at Fagor Automation Italy, presented the new programming language ProGTL3. The ProGTL3 is a language based on the oriented geometry model. The ProGTL3 (Professional Geometric & Technological Language – level 3), lets you resolve any flat profile with no extra mathematical and trigonometric calculations and without the need for third-party software (CAD / CAM)

To complete the program, Mr. Marcelino Novo, R&D manager at Fagor Automation HQ, shared his knowledge on high speed machining and presented the new algorithms implemented into the CNC 8060.

Taiwanese manufacturers showed great interest in the new product advances presented in the Open House.