Simplified, from many to one

From many to one, the key to success is simplicity. A good example of this is the first 10kW fiber laser generator with EtherCAT bus, launched by the Chinese company MaxPhotonics .


Having solved the first problems related to wiring or noise, MaxPhotonics has combined the main industrial Ethernet Ethercat technology to launch the first Chinese 10kW laser equipped with the Ethercat bus. It is also the first manufacturer of laser generators to achieve this technology. It only needs a network cable to control it.

EtherCAT Features

Whether it is Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things, it requires a high degree of networking and strong communication capabilities between the computer and the server. A high-speed, efficient and secure Industrial Ethernet is the basic guarantee for a smart factory.





Compared to other industrial field buses, the Ethercat bus control system has many advantages, such as high stability, high real-time performance, high integration, strong scalability and easy installation.


The MaxPhotonics 10kW fiber laser generator integrates the bus communication and laser control functions through EtherCat. In addition to the EtherCat bus, it also supports the Ethernet bus, RS232, RS485, etc.


The control mode supports the pure Ethercat bus and the Ethercat bus plus hybrid control via PWM. Also the control of the laser ignition and emission has been completed.


Smart Prima


The 10kW fiber laser generator from MaxPhotonics has been successfully installed in a Smart Prima laser machine equipped with a Fagor Automation Laser 8070 CNC.


Fagor Automation has integrated a variety of protocols for different levels and connectivity needs such as ETHERCAT, CAN OPEN, SERCOS II, SERCOS III, ETHERNET / LAN, USB, BLUETOOTH, WIFI, FAGOR API, OPC UA, UMATI, MTCONNECT, MQTT…


Thanks to the EtherCat connectivity integrated in all Fagor laser CNCs, machine manufacturers can obtain a fast and distributed fieldbus connectivity to different types of laser generators, cutting heads and I/O devices.