Fagor linear encoders with 0.01 micron resolution and digital interface

Fagor continues applying a permanent improvement process to its products to raise their quality for our customers. The latest advances in optical and electronic technology implemented have made it possible to obtain 0.01 micron resolution in our absolute digital linear encoders.

Precision lathes

PRECISION LATHES: Milling on a lathe, Thread repair, etc.

5-axis machining

5-AXIS MACHINING: 3D compensation, Kinematics calibration, CSROT, Virtual axis, etc. 3D Compensation Allows compensating, for …

Mold making

MOLD MAKING: HSC algorithms, configurable subroutines, Dynamic override, Percentual control of machining, Spiral milling, etc. …

Operating / Programming

OPERATING / PROGRAMMING: Interactive graphics, Profile editing in ISO code, DXF file importer, Tool management, …