Thank you for making this BIEMH such a special edition!

There is no doubt that this edition of the BIEMH has been very special. With your support, this experience surpassed the high expectations we had. You all have made this fair truly unforgettable.

First of all, thanks to all of you who came to our booth from the first day to the last, to those of you who shared time with us, and to those of you who were able to attend our little event last Thursday. Thank you!

As we said, our expectations for the BIEMH were high, since this edition gave us the first opportunity since the pandemic to be with many of you face to face. All of us at FAGOR enjoyed discussing with you in the first person our news, advances we have made in several products, such as Quercus or SERIES 3 in feedback systems, as well as the presentation of our line of services Fagor Digital Suite.

You have approached us, as both customers and friends, from many locations and countries. With your in-person discussions about the latest news and solutions from Fagor Automations, you have expanded our capabilities to continue improving our offer of the best solutions to all your needs.

We will keep in touch working together with you. On top of thanking you for all your interest, we also want to leave something to remind you

of all the good things that the BIEMH has given us this 2022.

Please see our image gallery and a video summary of the BIEMH from the eyes of Fagor Automation below. Thank you all!