The newest interface to optimize CNC machines: HMIelite by Fagor Automation

Fagor Automation keeps betting on the newest technology to offer the best automation solutions in the market.

This year, the firm has presented the next evolution for CNC machines: HMIelite, a new revitalized multiplatform user interface built on HTML5 technology.

HMIelite is responsive and adaptable to all screen sizes. It’s been designed to take full advantage of the ease of use of touchscreen/multitouch devices. One of the main perks of this new feature is that it enables remote and portable device connections, enabling the secure and easy monitoring of unattended machines for data collection and analysis purposes, including troubleshooting.

 Customizable to all types of platforms

Thanks to the web-based technology, HMIelite provides easy customization to any platform, which means that with a single development you can visualize the screens on all types of platforms, such as Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, etc. Despite the user interface being built on HTML5 technology, the CNC does not require internet connectivity to operate.

Moreover, it has brand new intelligent features like the new geometry editor that allows the user to quickly and easily edit any type of profile made up of straight and circular sections.

User-centered interface: easy and flexible user experience

Fagor Automation has taken a leap to provide the best user experience for CNC machines. HMIelite is a completely unique user-centered interface. Users of HMIelite will work with their CNC in an intuitive, friendly, and conversational way. It also includes interactive assistance that fully integrates into the cycles.

 Online help and training

Apart from offering the most advanced automation solutions, Fagor Automation is known for providing great customer service. Fagor Automation provides its customers with easy-to understand documentation and training material, such as video tutorials etc.

Furthermore, Fagor has taken another step to make its customer’s experience easier: all the training programs are available in a new online platform that’s accessible from anywhere at any time.