Fagor Automation released 40i Digital Readout with Advanced Features

Fagor Automation released 40i Digital Readout with Advanced Features.

Fagor Automation USA Corporation, based out of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, now offers the 40i Digital Readout with a host of powerful advanced features as standard.As stated by a company spokesperson “ Advancement in productivity to maintain our customer competitiveness is not just limited to the CNC market, but we have also recognized this same need for the manual machine market. Our customers continue to expect more not just from their CNC machines, but all machines on the manufacturing floor. Thus, we have developed the Innova 40i True Vision Digital Readout system to not only help our customers maintain their ability to compete, but to go another step beyond the competition in true machining capability by adding a host of advanced features that provide our customers the edge they need.”

“We started off with the basic features of our popular Innova 20i series Digital Readout system which include a host of cycles, inch/metric converstion, absolute/incremental programming, axes presetting & Tool offset capability. We then added a screen with the clearest vision from any position with our TFT color screen, that not only provides an un-matched view in clarity, but also allows for solid graphic representation not unlike our CNC Systems, thus allowing the operator a true high resolution color graphical view of his part as shown in real machining time or simulation mode. The True Vision can even display the part in multiple solid sectional views. Something that cannot be overlooked with the TFT color screen are the high priority processor screen updates which provide a much cleaner and faster view of the axes position, this helps the operator with the very common problem of manual machine overshoot. In addition, to further assist with this common problem, we have a solid bar graph showing the operator the distance to go, thus simplifying his approach to position greatly.”

“Time is money on a CNC machine or Manual machine, thus we also added the features such as Plane & Angle machining, Auto Scaling or Shrinkage factor and a on-board calculator with auto position recall. Additional features include auto corner rounding, machining in arcs, auto calculation of the part angle and even axes coupling. Most of these features are typically associated with CNC technology, but we have borrowed this technology from our CNC’s and adapted for ease to the True Vision DRO. All of these features simply help the operator eliminate time consuming calculations and allow them to keep the spindle in the part versus constantly calculating positional data.”

“In addition, standard features include a host of cycles such as a Pocket cycle, Bolt-hole cycle, Linear hole, Matrix cycles & Turning cycles. Additional productivity features include part centering, 20 offsets and tool radius compensation. All cycles are programmable utilizing a conversational Graphic screen that allows the operator to quickly and easily create the part program.”

“All True Vision Digital Readout systems include 200 compensation points for machine accuracy error, Feedback signal monitoring for safety. Feedrate alarms to alert the operator maximum speed is being exceeded to maximize part finish. Even a buzzer Operator notification for warnings such as travel limits are standard for optimum safety.

Versatility allows the True Vision to be customized by “parameter” for Milling, Boring, Turning, Grinding or General Purpose applications. This feature allows for 2 very important capabilities. 1) A customer can utilize a single Digital Readout model for all manual shop machines, thus allowing for an uncompromised flexibility for the customer. 2) Regardless of the application, the Digital Readout user interface is the same in philosophy, thus all operators in the customers shop will easily be able to operate the Digital Readout regardless of the application. Intuitive graphic help screens are utilized for each application to ensure easy operation for quick & easy operation of the Digital Readout, thus no prior operator experience is necessary to operate the True Vision.”

Fagor Automation is a world wide Manufacturer of CNC Systems, Servo Motors & Drives, Feedback Systems, DRO Systems & Motion Control Systems and can be reached with any inquiries at the below contact information.