Additive technology at FORMNEXT 2018

Fagor Automation´s Additive technology team gives a positive assessment of the attendance at FORMNEXT 2018 at the stand ADDIMAT, the Spanish Association of Additive and 3D Manufacuring Technologies.

Fagor Automation has presented at FORMNEXT 2018 the latest novelties of the Additive Manufacturing Pack for the 8065CNC. It is the most open-ended system on the market, it can intelligently control the Additive manufacturing process, besides its contribution to its other potential milling, turning and laser operations, a fundamental aspect of a hybrid machine. All this is under one single point of support. There are other features that are particularly appealing:

Open System, Multi-Process Support, Technological Tables for the management of the manufacturing process variables, Laser Power Control (analog or PWM),Closed Loop Process Control

Proof of all this, is that this pack is already installed in additive manufacturing machines, hybrid (additive and subtractive operations in the same machine) and pure additive process. This CNC is controlling machines of different technologies such as WAAM, LMD and Extrusion, manufacturing different materials, metals or polymers, both in the U.S. and Europe market.

See you soon!