FAGOR’s new FMC feature calculates the optimal machining Feedrate and Speed

The FMC (Fagor Machining Calculator) application consists of a database of materials to be machined and machining operations (milling and turning) and an interface to choose suitable cutting conditions, particularly the feedrate of the axes (F) and the turning speed of the spindle (S).

After selecting a particular material and operation, the FMC offers a range of recommended cutting conditions. The user must choose the desired cutting conditions and a tool among those offered. Using this data, the application calculates the optimal F and S values for the machining. The user can insert the obtained result in a part-program or canned cycle.

Both the machine manufacturer and the end user can modify the operations and material tables. This new feature works on software versions V1.70 (CNC 8060) and V5.70 (CNC 8065) and requires the software option “FMC (Fagor Machining Calculator)”.

For further information, refer to the manual “CNC 8060_8065 Operating”, available at: http://www.fagorautomation.com/en/downloads/