Customized solutions in response to the new challenges of high-speed machining

Fagor Automation and the Bulgarian company RAIS offer customized solutions in response to the new challenges of high speed machining.


Soluciones personalizadas como respuesta a los nuevos retos del mecanizado a alta velocidad

The machine tool industry is continuously demanding higher productivity and quality in high-speed machining. The Bulgarian company RAIS LTD, a leading manufacturer of CNC machines for machine tools, is a good example of how to meet these needs at the hands of the end user.


Created in 1994 in Pazardzhik, the company began its operations with recycling Bulgarian CNC machines. Gradually, its activities were directed towards the production of new machines to become the biggest CNC machine tool manufacturer of Bulgaria having a wide product range of lathe and milling machines. All of them are equipped with reliable CNC systems including, of course, Fagor Automation systems.


RAIS provides integrated solutions through the selection, procurement, production estimates for the time, tooling, commissioning, training and after-sales service of all types of CNC machine tools.

Customer-oriented companies

RAIS is, like Fagor Automation, a customer-oriented company as mentioned by Mr. Nishan Bazdigyan (General Manager of RAIS LTD) in the South East European Industrial Market: “Over the years, we have appreciated that selling a single machine is a kind of cooperation. The customer invests in equipment in order to realize his own production. We should ensure that the machine bought from us will work and will be adequately exploited. It would be possible only if there is a high quality product available and competent servicing.”(*).


In recent years, Fagor Automation and RAIS have strengthened their collaboration in countries like France, Spain or Italy and we are collaborating to extend this good and profitable experience to more countries in the world.


Together we are involved in several industrial and educational projects and are developing together customized solutions for the new market demands related to high productivity and Industry 4.0.


Empresas orientadas al clienteWe also collaborate in the Technical Open Days such as the SMART Manufacturing Day in 2019 in Madrid where it was demonstrated how maximum performance can be achieved in terms of productivity and quality with the combination of Rais and Fagor Automation technologies.


During the day, it was possible to see all the latest developments in part and tool preparation, programming, high-performance machining, measurement, process verification and production automation.

Precision machined parts

In addition to the machinery manufacturing division, RAIS has a second business division in which it manufactures precision machined parts for a diverse range of metal parts for different sectors such as the hydraulic industry, machine building, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, medical, industrial, fork lift spear parts, as well as many others.


In this division, working from customer specifications and drawings, RAIS supplies high quality component parts in a timely and cost effective basis to meet its customers’ demands for quality and tolerances.



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