Fagor Automation’s CNC for Lathes at the Italian press

Today, we would like to announce the publication of a report on Fagor Automation’s CNC’s for lathes in the Italian press.

CNC para Torno de Fagor Automation en la prensa ItalianaFagor Automation’s product range includes CNCs, drive systems, motors, linear and angular encoders, both absolute and incremental. With its family of CNC’s, Fagor Automation can offer customized solutions for lathes, lasers and milling machines, in a range that goes from solutions for simple machines to the most cutting-edge and complex machines thanks to its wide range of features (simultaneous control of up to 32 axes and spindles, 4 independent execution channels, 4 tool magazines, combined machines like lathes-milling machines…)





soluciones CNC ideales para torno

For 40 years, Fagor Automation has been offering, among other things, ideal CNC solutions for lathes thanks to its ability to combine high-level performance with maximum ease of use.


The magazine TECNOLOGIE MECCANICHE dedicated its special issue of March 2020 to this topic under the title “SUPERFOCUS TORNITURA”.


The article illustrates the most interesting features of Fagor Automation’s CNCs, specific for lathes, such as:


  • Fagor IIP (Interactive Icon Programming): conversational programming that combines power and ease of programming
  • Teach-in: to repeat a series of positionings without typing in a single dimension.
  • Import DXF file: to convert the CAD files to paths on the cylindrical surface of the part
  • Machining on 5-axis machines: with RTCP, also on a lathe, for the most complex machines
  • Milling cycles for lathes: a wide range of predefined cycles for milling operations adapted to turning machines
  • Combined machine: to perform turning and milling operations on the same machine
  • Multi-channel lathe: for multi-turret lathes that double the productivity of the machine, drastically reducing machining time
  • Standard tapping cycles: a wide range of standard tapping cycles including specific cycles for the oil and other industries already available at the CNC


To see an excerpt of the article, visit: https://www.fagorautomation.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/9009-2020.02.18-TM-MARZO-SUPERFOCUS-Tornitura.web_.pdf

To see the full article, go to: https://view.joomag.com/tecnologie-meccaniche-speciale-superfocus-tornitura/0079707001584107112