The En.A.P. Puglia technical training center in Taranto, Italy, uses Fagor Automation CNC simulators in training classrooms

The En.A.P. technical training center in Taranto, Italy, has installed Fagor Automation CNC simulators in its training classroom to train its students.

The Italian subsidiary of Fagor Automation has had the opportunity to participate in the project of creating this classroom, responding to the clear vocation that the company has shown since its inception with regard to the training of future generations of technical specialists in machinery.

Another example is the project to set up a technical training classroom for CNC and mechanical manufacturing at the Don Bosco Technical Training School campus in Krishnagar, West Bengal.


These CNC simulators offer students and operators a complete tool to simulate any machine and do all the programming of a part directly on any external PC in a practical and productive way. Thus, thanks to the Fagor Automation CNC simulator, it is possible to elaborate, optimize and verify the programs directly on the PC comfortably in the technical office or in the study room.

Reproduces the behavior of the machine

The Fagor Automation simulator faithfully reproduces the behavior of the machine respecting the accelerations, speeds, etc., that occur in reality, achieving an accurate estimation of the real machining time and the final part. In short, the simulator offers a virtual duplicate of the real machine.

The relationship between Fagor Italia and the teachers of En.A.P. has been getting closer since they have known the solutions that Fagor Automation provided to their students to be able to follow their training in this very complicated period derived from the pandemic. Tools such as webinars have allowed us to show them the potential of our products and create a solution adapted to their needs.

The PCs in the programming classroom of the En.A.P. technical training center have been equipped with Fagor Automation CNC simulators, which has allowed the students to be trained both in person and remotely, without the need to use a real machine.

Advancing learning innovation

As Oldani Rosario Giuliano, manager of “Fagor For You” at Fagor Automation Italy, commented, “this collaboration with En.A.P. was born in the midst of the pandemic, when we all understood that innovating learning scenarios was above all an urgent priority; above all to make the school more suitable to the changing world and to guarantee effective and quality learning for all”.

The professor of the technical training center En.A.P., Francesco Mele, praises the equipment provided by Fagor Automation, to which we thank him for his words:

“The Fagor Automation software has all the functions necessary to perform high-level automatic programming of CNC machines. It ensures the achievement of the key objectives that are at the origin of the choice of high-speed machining, fast material removal and tool path, the simplicity of programming the preset canned cycles in the editor and the simulation function of 2d. graphics and 3d with different perspectives and zoom pan and much more. These features make the simulator very flexible in our didactic laboratories for the training of our mechatronics technicians”.


To download the information about the CNC simulator for free, click on the following link: CNC Simulator