Ensa, multi-system supplier of nuclear components

Ensa is a multi-system supplier of nuclear components with national and international experience. Its components are manufactured using multiple technologies, including some of their own designs in accordance with the most demanding standards, regulations and requirements.


Ensa was established in 1973 to manufacture large components for the Spanish civil nuclear program. Initially focused on providing services and manufacturing for state plants, the company would later provide the necessary experience for its internationalization in the early eighties, following the nuclear moratorium.


Currently, 70-90% of production is focused on the international market. Thanks to its strong multi-system vocation, Ensa equipment is operating safely and reliably in more than ninety nuclear power plants around the world.



Fagor Automation CNC´s


Fagor automation

Experts in manufacturing nuclear large componentsNuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS)– such as steam generators, reactor pressure vessels, reactor vessels cover heads, reactor vessel internals, reactor vessel supports, and other nuclear components such as racks, fuel storage casks and transportation, heat exchangers, non-nuclear components, and special tools.


In their manufacturing area, they have several large machines, especially vertical boring mills and lathes equipped with Fagor Automation CNC’s. The relationship with Fagor Automation goes back to the beginning of Ensa and they also have our company in their Advanced Technology Center (CTA), the technological engine of Ensa. A laboratory whose functions include both the validation and qualification of the materials and processes used during the manufacturing and testing of the components manufactured by Ensa and the development of innovative and competitive processes and automations.


It also offers customized solutions for nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities from the beginning of operations to their final decommissioning, such as equipment supply, maintenance, repair activities and waste treatment.


With avant-garde DNA


Ensa interior

Within its DNA there is a commitment towards R&D, to always strive to be at the technological forefront. It is involved in innovative projects for nuclear waste management and the development of nuclear fission and fusion energy, being the first European company to deliver a component for the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).


This is why we are especially pleased at Fagor Automation to have such a special user. The mutual collaboration in several projects is based, according to representatives of Ensa, on “the speed and efficiency” offered to them by Fagor Automation “along with an immediate response time and a high degree of professionality”. They highlight the technological developments that we offer them, such as, for example, “the availability of very long absolute linear encoders that are much longer than those produced by any other encoder manufacturer“. They also highlight the ease of use of the CNCs, “with very intuitive interfaces and programming languages. The workers find it very easy to use and it is easy to make adjustments and put a machine into service”.


From Fagor Automation, we appreciate the trust that Ensa has placed in us for so many years.