HSSA- High Speed Surface Accuracy machining system

Do you know Fagor Automation’s HSSA – High Speed Surface Accuracy machining system ? In the phase of improving part manufacturing processes, high speed machining is becoming more and more popular in our companies. Fagor Automation’s HSSA High Speed Surface Accuracy system, compared to conventional cutting, makes it possible to increase efficiency by reducing costs and machining times. The result is a higher quality surface, increasing the life of the cutting tool and reducing subsequent manual polishing work.


HSSA High Speed Surface Accuracy system

To generate the paths to be made, the increasingly sophisticated CAD/CAM systems allow the design of parts with more complex geometric elements. The CAD-CAM system provides the CNC with a cloud of points that it must manage to create the part generated on the computer. The Fagor CNC offers the HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system, which has a set of features and algorithms that can calculate back the geometry of the path, in order to generate movements that are as smooth as possible, maintaining optimal cutting conditions and applying the physical acceleration and jerk constraints for each axis to achieve an optimal machining result.

Depending on the user’s needs, Fagor Automation offers three machining modes where priority will be given to the accuracy, time or quality of the part: CONTERROR, FAST & SURFACE. Each mode adjusts and uses a set of internal algorithms and parameters, and take into account the geometry of the part-program, the machining conditions and the dynamic behaviour of the machine:

  • The FAST method is focused on making the parts in the shortest possible time and is optimal for roughing operations.
  • The CONTERROR method is focused on high precision machining.
  • The SURFACE method offers a combination of both to obtain quality parts with a high surface finish.

Select and adjust the algorithms

For very specific needs, advanced users may select and adjust each one of the internal algorithms of the Fagor CNC individually. They may activate algorithms to adapt the programmed points in order to achieve a more continuous path using splines and/or round the corners using interpolation polynomials, all this while faithfully respecting the programmed tolerance.


In the case of parts with very complex and variable geometrical elements that involve extremely small block sizes, the number of processing points may be increased in advance to obtain more precise geometrical calculations and to be able to perform the paths with greater accuracy. In addition to all this, it is possible to select the type of acceleration and jerk profile desired, activate and adjust the different types of filters available in order to smooth the resulting movement.


Once the execution of the programs has been launched, Fagor Automation’s CNC’s have implemented a nanometric interpolation algorithm that takes advantage of the maximum resolution available of the feedback systems. This way, it is possible to machine parts with ultra-precision requirements with the aforementioned finishes.


Reference in machining of moulds

Thanks to features such as the HSSA system, Fagor Automation is a reference in mold machining in countries like Portugal, which enjoys a privileged position in the mold manufacturing industry worldwide. Renowned international brands trust Portuguese companies to manufacture molds due to their quality and great technological preparation.

Although Portugal is a small country, its mould making industry is one of the most important in the world, exporting approximately 90% of its production. Fagor Automation is recognized as one of the references in this market where it has an important market share.

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