Fagor Automation exceeds expectations at CCMT China 2024

Fagor Automation concluded its participation in the China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2024, CCMT2024, last Friday, following a week-long engagement from April 8th to April 12th.

Throughout the fair, the company not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of visitor turnout and product interest, showcasing a significant display of technological  expertise and innovative solutions.

Despite loyal and existing references, Fagor Automation forged several alliances with new customers by undertaking collaborations in several projects, with local R&D involved in them.

Fagor Automation’s products at the CCMT

The Fagor Automation booth garnered significant attention from stand visitors, including Series3 encoders family with 3Statech patented Technology, new HMIelite for CNC’s, and the digitization solution Fagor Digital Suite.

The Feedback Systems product segment showcased a full range of innovative technologies and attracted numerous interactions with leading North Chinese OEM’s, Specializing in heavy industries and large-scale machinery.

Furthermore, Fagor Automation’s presence in CNC applications such as Gear Grinding and Gear Hobbing has been really strong, as it is also in the Mold & Die sector, where high speed and accuracy are needed.

Thank you for your unconditional support

The entire Fagor Automation team is sincerely grateful for the amazing feedback received at the show, recognizing the visits and the unconditional support of the visitors. With the conclusion of CCMT, Fagor Automation concludes the fairs season in China for 2024, with an eye on future efforts to ensure a comparable impact at upcoming exhibitions around the world.

Fagor Automation is committed to continuing the evolution of automation solutions, remaining strong in its mission to improve the manufacturing productivity of its valued customers.