GEKA and Fagor Automation join forces to boost process digitalisation with Fagor Digital Suite

GEKA, a leading company in the CNC machinery sector with a solid track record since 1919, has established a partnership with Fagor Automation to boost the digitalisation of its production processes.

This strategic alliance is a significant step towards improving efficiency and productivity at GEKA, through the implementation of the advanced digitalization solution offered by Fagor Digital Suite.

The digitisation of processes has become an imperative for companies seeking to remain competitive in a constantly evolving business environment. Recognising this need, GEKA has taken a bold step by partnering with Fagor Automation, a leader in industrial automation solutions.

Fagor Digital Suite, the solution chosen by GEKA for this digitisation project, offers a wide range of tools and capabilities designed to optimise manufacturing processes and improve operational efficiency. From essential data mining to real-time analytics, Fagor Digital Suite provides GEKA with a comprehensive platform to drive manufacturing excellence.

As Elena Martinicorena, GEKA Machinery Production Manager, says, “The implementation of the Fagor Digital Suite solution at GEKA has been very fast, with very little intrusion and no machine downtime”.

Fagor Automation is pleased to collaborate with GEKA on its journey towards digitalisation. Fagor Automation’s expertise in industrial automation solutions and advanced technology are perfectly aligned to support GEKA’s growth and innovation.