In the aerospace sector Masa bets on Fagor Automation

Some years ago, MASA (La Rioja, Spain) bet on increasing their productivity considerably as the only way to successfully compete in such a demanding and competitive sector as aerospace. For that, they decided to invest on the most advanced technologies mainly applied to their production means although within a complete and innovative program for restructuring the company in general.

Besides engineering, MASA had to count on a manufacturer of CNC and electronic servo drive systems, essential components of modern machines, to achieve maximum productivity and best part finish with full accuracy.

The chosen ones

One of the main goals was choosing the right partners, for engineering and a CNC manufacturer. The engineering chosen to participate in the project was Gepro Systems and for the CNC’s and electronic drives for their machines, MASA bet on Fagor Automation without a doubt.

Fagor Automation’s contribution

MASA had it very clear to go with the Basque manufacturer Fagor Automation for completing this ambitious project. Very positive earlier experiences with Fagor CNC’s were key to bet on this company. Throughout their long renewing process, Fagor Automation has analyzed and implemented their CNC’s with all the improvements and additional features needed to increase machine productivity with best part finish and greater accuracy thanks to their R&D resources and a tight cooperation with MASA and Gepro Systems.

According to Pedro L. Revuelta ( General Manager from Masa) , “Fagor CNC’s have improved high speed part machining considerably adapting themselves perfectly to the techniques and procedures used in our company and, consequenly we’ll keep integrating the 8070 system and cooperating with Fagor for new improvements and future modifications”.

It is up to the Fagor CNC 8070 to ensure the reliability of the process which must be combined with an excellent final product quality.

All the products manufactured by MASA carry a conformity certificate in compliance with all the quality standards set in the directive EN9100 / ISO 9001, as well as the legal and contractual requirements demanded by official authorities and by their customers. Among the latter are very prestigious ones like Airbus (programs A350 and A 380 among others), Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault, EADS-CASA, Aernnova and a many more.

The results confirm the success of the project

The numbers prove it The Spanish company (from Rioja) invoiced €16.2 Million in 2007 and they expect reach a record of €45 Million by the end of 2012.