New generation of encoders: Reading head removable from either end

Outstanding time-saving improvements with the new-generation steel-tape linear encoders up to 60 meters

Fagor Automation’s know-how, chain value analysis and the thorough study of external contributions have resulted in a unique product that further strengthens Fagor Automation’s leadership in feedback systems for long and extra long measuring lengths (from 3 m to 60 m).

These improvements make installation easier and drastically reduce installation time by 10% and service time by up to 50% depending on type of machine and encoder length. Consequently, the new generation of F and L series linear encoders offers an unmatched saving opportunity.

Fagor Automation has introduced three great improvements that further strengthen our commitment to customers and add value to our end products: a new tape tensioning system that allows removing the reading head through either end of the encoder without releasing the steel tape, reference points and ease of installation as described below.

Removing the reading head from either end reduces installation and maintenance times by up to 50%.