L3 series – Long-range absolute linear encoders

Fagor Automation has launched the L3 linear encoder with steel tape and lengths up to 50 meters, thus completing the Serie 3. The Series 3 family includes encoders with optical glass: the S3, SV3, and G3. All Series 3 encoders have been designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. They are, without a doubt, the most advanced linear encoders that Fagor Automation has ever developed.

The L3 Series is the most recent addition to the Fagor Automation catalog, reinforcing the world leadership in very long absolute linear encoders. In addition to including all the Series 3 advancements, it has exclusive features focused on mounting encoders for long applications.

The L3 model integrates air and electrical connections on both sides of the head, making it possible to choose either of the two output directions without having to manipulate the head.

In addition, the redesign of the steel tape tensioning system allows the readerhead to be inserted at both ends even with the steel tape installed and tensioned. This is a well-known feature that saves time and money.

An important innovation is that the steel tape substrate used has an anti-error system that prevents its incorrect assembly.

Also, a removable element is placed in the tensioning unit position which is machined in the extrusion. When mounted, it interferes with the installation of the steel tape substrate in the extrusion and prevents the insertion of the steel tape from that end. It is very easy to remove this element to continue with the assembly of the encoder. This avoids untimely and time-consuming delays during installation.

The new modules required to assemble a very long linear encoder have specific machining at the ends that easily guide the installation of the next module. Here, a rubber gasket practically prevents the entry of solid and liquid contaminants into the encoder. The optoelectronic components are sealed. This, together with the 3STATECH optical reading technology, makes the encoder practically immune to the presence of solid or liquid contaminants.