Process Informer

“Process Informer”, automatic sending of e-mails / SMS from the CNC

The Machine-tool industry in its permanent evolution is integrating functions coming from the latest communication technology.

Certain machining processes do not require constant operator presence to monitor them, either because it is an automated serial process or because the machining operation takes a long time. On the other hand, should an incident occur, the lack of operator presence may cause idle time that jeopardizes machine productivity.


Large number of orders at the BIEMH12

The 27th BIEMH ended on 2nd June, having been deemed a success both by the organisation and by exhibiting companies. The CNC sales manager of Fagor Automation, J.M. Larrañaga, expressed his satisfaction with the fine reception given to the powerful innovative platform of the CNC 8065 together with the programming facilities that have been applied to it.

Fagor Automation en Metalloobrabotka y Mecanica 2012

Fagor Automation at the Metalloobrabotka and Mecanica 2012 exhibitions

Between May 28th and June 1st, Fagor Automation attended the Russian Machine Tool show, Metalloobrabotka which coincided with the BIEMH12 exhibition. This annual show had a surface of 34,000 m2 with 880 exhibitors, 63% of whom were local. Among the foreign importers, Moriseiki, DMG, MAGm Grupo Danobat, Charmiles, Okuma, Chmer and Sodick should be especially mentioned.


New Fagor Automation Technology Centre in Italy, Ivrea

Fagor Automation set up the Ivrea Technology Centre in early 2012 to strengthen its presence on the Italian market. Fagor Automation has worked in Italy for several years now and considers it a strategic market, given the innovative and technologically advanced character of Italian-produced machine tools.

Antón Sagasta

«We create a link with our customers that goes far beyond a mere sales process»

Fagor Automation’s customers will soon be gathering at BIEMH’12, one of Europe’s most important Machine Tool sector trade fairs, which is being held for the 27th time. As at the 2010 Fair, expectations are somewhat conditioned by the current economic situation. Antón Sagasta, Fagor Automation’s CNC Systems Business Manager, talks about

Much more than Global Solutions

“Goratu manufactures an innovative 28 meters long machine with a Fagor Automation CNC system for shipbuilding sector parts”

Fagor Automation provides customised global solutions for all types of requirements and machines, from the simplest to the most complex. Global, because Fagor Automation’s continuous improvement process means its products provide a full solution for Machine Tool sector requirements.


Fagor Automation encoder cad files (2D, 3D) on the web

Fagor Automation announces that the 3D solids and 2D drawings files for each length of products shown in the catalog “Linear and Angular Encoders for CNC machines and high accuracy applications” are