The “Advanced Photon Source” (APS) relies on Fagor Automation

The “Advanced Photon Source” uses Fagor Automation´s encoders in one of the most technologically complex and demanding machines in the world.

The “APS”, at Argonne National Laboratory , located in Chicago (Illinois), is a pioneer laboratory funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, is an X-ray accelerator ring, which keeps the X-ray beam in place by two magnets, has relied on the work of Fagor Automation to ensure that the beam remains centered between the ring and the electrodes.

His royal highness the crown prince visited Fagor Automation’s booth

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, visited Fagor Automation at the 26th edition of the biannual Spanish machine-tool exhibition.

Within inaugural act of BIEMH 2010, Don Felipe was received by the president of the Basque Government Mr. Patxi López and the president of the Basque parliament Ms. Arantza Quiroga among other authorities.