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Escáner SENER Aeroespacial montado en-MTG

HI-Prest project to develop a highly accurate scanner for space telescopes

A consortium of six Spanish companies from the Basque Country, led by SENER Aeroespacial, in concert with EGILE Mechanics, FAGOR Automation, IBARMIA Innovatek, KORTA and ULMA Embedded Solutions, is working on a project to develop a high-performance scanner to be used in telescopes, cameras and other optical instruments.

AVS y Fagor Automation colaboran en el ámbito espacial

AVS and Fagor Automation collaborates in the space sector

Fagor Automation and AVS collaborate together to work in the space sector. The companies Added Value Solutions (AVS) and Fagor Automation started a collaboration two years ago to develop an encoder for space applications capable of meeting the demanding requirements of current and future missions.

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Awea machines benefit from the new Pack Mold

Awea’s machines benefit from the new Pack Mold. AWEA Mechatronic Co. LTD, founded in 1986, is one of the largest and most dynamic machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan. It has a great reputation all over the world and, nowadays, it is one of the few companies in the sector that is quoted on the stock exchange.

Smart Prima

Simplified, from many to one

From many to one, the key to success is simplicity. A good example of this is the first 10kW fiber laser generator with EtherCAT bus, launched by the Chinese company MaxPhotonics .

Láser fagor Automation

Why is fiber laser bevel cutting growing in China?

Fiber laser beveling is growing in China. But do we know why? In the preparation of structural parts in shipbuilding, construction machinery, oil pipelines and other manufacturing, beveling of thick steel plates has always been an essential process before welding.

How to solve machining errors with Fagor Automation

Machining errors may have many causes, some of them related to features associated with the design, with the kinematics, the assembly… Here is the latest tool from Fagor Automation to fix machining errors: “Easy Volumetric Compensation”.

HSSA- High Speed Surface Accuracy machining system

Do you know Fagor Automation’s HSSA – High Speed Surface Accuracy machining system ? In the phase of improving part manufacturing processes, high speed machining is becoming more and more popular in our companies. Fagor Automation’s HSSA High Speed Surface Accuracy system, compared to conventional cutting, makes it possible to increase efficiency by reducing costs and machining times.

Ensa transport

Ensa, multi-system supplier of nuclear components

Ensa is a multi-system supplier of nuclear components with national and international experience. Its components are manufactured using multiple technologies, including some of their own designs in accordance with the most demanding standards, regulations and requirements.