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When Manufacturing Meets Art

When manufacturing and art come together, impressive creations are born. Have you ever thought about …

L3 series – Long-range absolute linear encoders

Fagor Automation has launched the L3 linear encoder with steel tape and lengths up to 50 meters, thus completing the Serie 3. The Series 3 family includes encoders with optical glass: the S3, SV3, and G3. All Series 3 encoders have been designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. They are, without a doubt, the most advanced linear encoders that Fagor Automation has ever developed.

Signature of the commercial and collaboration agreement with Savvy Data Systems

Fagor Automation and Savvy Data Systems sign a commercial and collaboration agreement to offer the market a complete digital solution oriented to machine tools and which implies, in the future, joint developments combining all the know-how of both companies in data capture and analysis, technologies applied to machining machines, asset management and all this providing maximum value to its customers.

Project IIOT4ALL has been successfully completed

Project IIOT4ALL has been successfully completed

The IIOT4ALL project has been successfully completed. This project, carried out in collaboration with AFM cluster and Savvy Data Systems, has aimed to deploy and validate a solution to acces a management system of a plant that integrates devices from previous generations that are not compatible with the new communication standards.